Tubbing Reunion


Updated Mon Dec 28 17:51:18 MST 1998

Are we having it?

NEW! Get your gear (or for former tubbers, just get your food) ready. 31 December to 1 January is the Official 1998 Tubbing reunion.

When do I show up?

Generally, we'll meet all over-nighters at 5pm unless you contact Scott otherwise. We'll also meet those who come up New Year's Day at 10am. All times are for the Pine Mountains West Gate.

Who's Invited?

The TFA is pleased to announce the forthcoming tubbing reunion. Tubbers from all generations are cordially invited to attend.

Please come if you are a tubber, former tubber, or tubbing enthusiast, (or even if you've only seen videos). For those who can still manage a tub, there will be ample opportunity to show your stuff and appreciate the sparkling karfoonda.

For those who can still appreciate the outdoors but tubbing is no longer a reasonable option, we'll have a cozy cabin with food and good company.

While children are certainly welcome, please keep in mind that we will have limited transportation to the cabin (probably only 2 snowmobiles). As such, the more people we have to haul, the more time it will take.

As a side note regarding transportation, anyone who can rustle up a snowmoblie or two is welcome to bring them. The few we have are old and fragile (requiring $ per year to fix) so the less we have to use them the better. Thanks, the Management.

Where are we going?

The reunion will be held at the Wiersdorf cabin on 31 December 1998 to 1 January 1999. You're welcome to come up either or both days. We have plenty of space to sleep, so bring a sleeping bag if you want to stay over.
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